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Telegram Sticker Bot: Tag and search your favorite stickers

An app I’ve really enjoyed is Telegram. It’s an instant messaging app that has a nice UI, and one other big feature I like - stickers! Stickers are like little images that Telegram allows you to send in the app. They allow for a different level of interaction that emojis can’t provide, and they’ve been a fun part of using the app for me.
Being the avid sticker fan that I am, however, I have amassed a ridiculous number of stickers; to the point that I can’t even find specific stickers when I want to use them! To solve this problem, I decided to make a bot that would allow me to tag individual stickers I sent it, allowing me to then search for and send stickers by searching these tags in any one of my chats.
I accomplished this by using a Python Telegram Bot wrapper, along with a PostgreSQL database for storing the sticker IDs along with their associated tags.
This project helped me to learn SQL, and it forced me to optimize my code for speedy lookups when searching a database with many matching entries for any given tag. In talks with friends I went on to learn about bloom filters, and other probabalistic data structures that can be used to speed up database lookups when response time is an important factor. I hope to incorporate these concepts into an improved version of this app at some point in the near future!

William Walcher

William Walcher

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